This is a live blog post from the SharePoint Conference Las Vegas 2009, Speaker: Ethan Gur-Esh. Trends By 2013 more that 24% of content that workers see in a day will consist of pictures, video, audio or hybrids of the three plus text according to Gartner. Rich media scenarios Media re-use: Brand management This is basically about your best assets, managed, protected and so on. Informal sharing or re-use: like a screenshot, a diagram, things that everyone may use. Media publishing: this is about where media is really the message. Video delivery, on demand learning, informal video sharing and re-use. These are relatively professionally produced. The sharing part is more about how to capture the video and how to share it. Rich media in 2010: the first group is around storing and serving media. That can be done through the asset library template. There are also infrastructural enhancements to be able to handle rich media. The second group is about using rich media: media web part or field controls in SharePoint like a media player. Second to that: media discovery and re-use in Office. The asset library: it has been optimized for digital assets. It now has thumbnail centric views, metadata extraction for images and RSS/podcasting support. On the other side it is still a document library. The presenter shows that you can select tags to narrow down the assets in the library. When you hover over you will get a nice overlay with a larger version, and the ability to rate the asset. For videos you can actually play them cross browser where you have used Silverlight. When you drag and drop items from your desktop to your asset library, the keyword will be extracted automatically. There are few new content types for pictures, video etc which are extensible. Demo: My SharePoint sites The presenter shows a PowerPoint presentation where he would like to insert video. The file picker that pops up shows a “SharePoint sites” as part of the left navigation pane. The lists you see there are defined by the user. By browsing to a library you can connect a list to Office through the Ribbon. If you do that, the site will be listed as part of the SharePoint sites within Office applications. The experience is quite similar to what you will experience in the browser. So that includes that you can browse assets by using metadata selections. Within PowerPoint there are some simple video editing options. Like making it darker or lighter, setting start and end points and framing it the way you frame pictures. Using rich media in SharePoint The ad hoc use of rich media can be leveraged by the multimedia web part. You can also incorporate rich media  by using the rich media field control. Finally the content by query web part now supports rich media. Tags van Technorati: SharePoint 2010,SharePoint

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